White Poppy Seed

Poppy seeds have been compliments to traditional diets and medicines for thousands of years. Originally cultivated in the Eastern Mediterranean and Middle Eastern regions, their uses were written about in Ancient Egyptian and Ancient Greek scripture. Poppy seeds come from the notorious and beautiful poppy plant. While it is the sap of the poppy seed pod that famed opiates like heroin, morphine and legally sanctioned addictive hard drugs like oxycodone come from, poppy seeds themselves do indeed contain trace amounts of opiate compounds. Within the tiny black kidney-shaped poppy seed is found high levels of dietary fiber, B vitamins and several important minerals, such as calcium, phosphorus, iron, magnesium and zinc, all of which have been linked to digestive, heart and immune health. Zinc-deficiency in particular has been connected to type 2 diabetes, as has magnesium.
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